Ponds & Water Features

Pond installations by experts in Brentwood

Are you thinking of adding a water feature to your home? At County Design and Landscapes Ltd, we specialise in all aspects of pond and water feature installations and maintenance.

Water feature design and installation

Looking for a focal point for your garden? We can provide you with bespoke water feature design and installation, giving your garden the centrepiece it needs. From ponds and fountains to solar-powered water features, we can offer you an array of ideas.

Water features of all shapes and sizes

We offer a unique range of water features for your home, such as pebble water features, wall-mounted water features, rock pools and fountains. We serve customers in Brentwood.

The perfect environment for your fish

If you’re looking for pond installation, whether as a point of interest or as a pond for keeping fish in, then we can design and create it. Additionally, we also offer fencing installations. For a free estimate on pond installations, contact our staff today.

Some Recent Work

Water features and ponds design and installation

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